3 Reasons Why You Should Get Certified

3 Reasons Why You Should Get Certified

ou know the debate. Should you be certified? That answer is simple: YES. And not for the reasons why you think.

Certification is a complex issue. You have opponents who say that ‘paper’ (fill in the blank) are useless. What do they know about running cable? What do they know about backups? What do they know about virtualization and the difference between VMWare virtual files and Microsoft’s Hyper-V files?

In the trenches everyday techs are faced with a wide spectrum of issues. And that’s why certification helps.

3 Reasons Why You Should Get Certified

1. Your Employer Will Know You’re Serious 

Certification helps in the sense that your employer will know that you’re serious about your career. Your immediate boss will know you’re serious. If there should ever come a time where you’re forced to leave, being certified in technical and business disciplines are essential. Employers want employees who need very little start time to get acclimated to their systems. In reality you’ll be lucky if you’re trained on how that company carries on technical job functions. More than likely you’ll have to learn on your own and fast. Certification will give you a competitive edge especially if you already have real world experience.

2. Keeps Your Mind Fresh 

Certification challenges your mind. Certification also puts you in touch with what the marketplace wants. It’s easy to get stuck in your own world especially if the company you work for is very stable (thanks to you of course!). Seriously, certification is a testament to your skills. Enhancing your skills will enhance your career and your ability to make better decisions.

3. Take Courses Outside Tech 

That’s right. Business courses such as accounting for non-acountants will enable you to see through the eyes of your CFO, comptroller or finance staff member. When it comes down to budget time, you’ll be able to better express your wants in your finance member’s terms. Instead of saying ‘I need a mail server’ and giving technical reasons why (which will only lead to your own frustration by being denied), you’ll be better equipped to communicate in their language. This shows your finance staff member that you’re paying attention to what they do and are showing them respect.

Certification doesn’t have to be overly time consuming. Certification has to be strategic in order to make better use of your time and resources. Certification is necessary. These 3 Reasons Why You Should Get Certified will assist you on making your decision to be certified.

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